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Energy made easy, 

savings made simple

Introducing Spectergy's exclusive Whole Home Incentive Solutions!

Greener Homes & HER+ Grants

Tired of feeling lost in the maze of constantly changing energy retrofit programs? Fantastic incentives are available through the Canada Greener Homes and Ontario HER+ programs, but navigating them can be a real headache.

Spectergy is here to help!

We take the guesswork out of completing your incentives while going green, as Ontario's exclusive one-stop shop for maximizing your energy efficiency rebates.

What sets Spectergy apart?


Our team combines the expertise of certified energy auditors coupled with extensive industry leading energy efficiency equipment, paired with the experience of proven solar contractors, air sealing specialist and residential energy renovations. This unparalleled combination promises to get you the most out of every incentive category available, ensuring expert results to significantly increase comfort, while lowering your energy bills.


We even offer the country's first air seal guarantee.


Spectergy guarantees we'll exceed your home's specific air sealing targets, while our price is directly tied to your incentive value, making the upgrade virtually free.

Let Spectergy unlock your savings! Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts today. We'll show you how to navigate the remaining inventive programs with ease, while capturing every incentive dollar available.

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