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At Spectergy, we know that the world of energy can be unpredictable and constantly fluctuating. That’s why we strive to stay ahead of the curve, offering innovative energy consulting services that provide our clients with the stability they need.


Our team of experts is trained to work with a variety of partner organizations, from governments to utilities and private companies, providing tailored solutions for your specific energy needs. With our guidance, you can rest assured that your homes renovation will be able to access every opportunity possible to succeed in even the most challenging energy landscapes.


Marco Chown Oved

March 28, 2024

Everyone who was accepted into a federal program meant to encourage green home renovations will be able to receive their full $10,000 rebate, Enbridge has confirmed.

The Greener Homes Program was abruptly shut down last month by the federal government.

In the wake of that decision, there have been concerns that thousands of Ontarians might be left on the hook for money they had spent on new windows, insulation and heat pumps.

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Steve Maxwell

Published Apr 02, 2024

Once upon a time, homebuilders installed water supply pipes made entirely of lead, completely oblivious to the health dangers we now see so clearly. “We’ve always done it this way”,  a plumber from a century or two ago might have said. “So it can’t be bad.” In fact, even the professional title “plumber” comes from the Latin word for the metal lead – “plumbum”. And while homebuilders of yesteryear were completely ignorant of the health-harming features they built into homes, is it possible we’re doing the same kind of thing now? I think so, and it’s found in basements.

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